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Houston, Texas
In my profile I am the one to the right understand that Blake to the far right is now 21 in the military (Marines), Haley is now 17, Kyle is now ten entering fourth grade.

I was born in Plaquemine Louisiana, in 1970, grew up in Louisiana for twenty years of my life, growing up with an older and younger brother made me the middle child of three. Growing up in the church sheltered me for a time from a lot of the world and allowed me to develop an Illuminati view of the world. This means I accept people as they are now and as they are to be in the future. My experience with the paranormal is that it is normal to me as it is just different sciences than normally utilized in the main stream. Learning about them and experiencing them adds to your knowledge and experience. I am married to my life mate Nicole and have three kids by her. Our marriage is learned, and experienced for the maturation of the soul, it is an open marriage and that is we do not own each other instead we share a deep love for each other and others around us. I tend to be a nature boy and love the forest and swamps. Our interconnection with animals, the earth, and the universe around us is experienced to in order to be fully understood by the mind. Have my masters in homeland security as of November 2010 and am working in the Security Field under Federal contract.

reason I am on facebook people I would like to meet
Honest and open friends that accept a person as they are and sees them as they are to be. Someone not afraid of the strange or weird stuff that happens around me. But embraces it as just part of being part of my world and inner circle. Don't be afraid of being yourself with me and close friendships. I do not push myself onto anyone and it is their decision on how close of a friendship/relationship they want with me and my family.